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We provide boutique counsel to families who have experienced catastrophic personal injury due to malpractice and negligence.

Our Process

Our process begins and ends with the client. Each client we represent has a unique story. The goal of our counsel is to create a narrative out of the client’s story that fits within the legal framework that the law demands. We start by personally interviewing each client. Good lawyering requires good listening and we want to hear from our clients about the circumstances that led to their seeking counsel. With an emphasis on individualized case planning, we believe client involvement is essential to reaching positive case outcomes.


During the initial meeting we identify with the client potential avenues for investigation. If the decision is made to move forward in a representative capacity, we proceed to gather information. Today’s litigation world places an emphasis on expert opinion. We routinely consult with many of the most qualified experts from the top academic institutions in the United States.


Successful litigation requires that defendants and insurance companies understand the magnitude of the harm experienced by our clients. We deploy a multi-pronged approach to articulating our clients’ injuries, which is strategically tailored on a case-by-case basis. In addition to written expert opinion, in many cases our Team creates short documentaries using video and interview content, which allows for a more visceral and direct presentation of the client’s story.


When cases reach a resolution, our aim is that the client has achieved some sense of finality, at least to the legal processes that impact the often life-changing injuries they have suffered.


We encourage you to contact us to begin the conversation.


Over the last four decades, it has been my privilege and honor to represent thousands of individuals and families who have suffered egregious harms. Throughout my career I have never represented a corporation or an insurance company. I founded this Firm to provide personalized counsel. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every client has my personal cell phone. Our clients can expect that I will be involved in each case that our Firm represents.

– Michael Barrett, Esquire

There is nothing I enjoy more than learning about our clients and diving deeply into each case. This is a hands-on process. Michael Barrett and I collaborate on every case that our Firm handles. The challenge is to meet each client’s expectations. I have found that representing clients who have been injured bears a lot of similarities to advocating for patients as a nurse. Each depends on a commitment to the individual and the willingness to use all means available to protect the individual’s interests. Our Firm works hard to create an environment that exceeds client expectations.

-Joseph DeAngelo, Esquire, RN

Social Commitment

Barrett DeAngelo believes that forward progress means active social engagement. We are committed to the diversity of thought that makes our Philadelphia community unique and to the evolution of social progress over time. Society is shaped by its participants and as legal practitioners we are bound by the highest ethical standards both in our representation of clients and in our civic engagement.

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Limiting Our Environmental Impact

Barrett DeAngelo acknowledges the significant environmental challenges facing today’s world. As an entity, we want to do whatever we can to contribute positively to our Philadelphia regional community. Our operational policy is to be paperless and environmentally responsible. Whenever possible, we utilize technologic practices to accommodate every aspect of our operations. In addition, we prioritize collaborating with local Philadelphia region businesses to meet our operational needs.


We have never billed clients for representation. Any payment for our services is paid if, and only if, there is a monetary recovery that you receive for a claim that is pursued. If Barrett DeAngelo recovers money for a client, then Barrett DeAngelo is paid a fee out of the recovery. If there is no recovery, Barrett DeAngelo does not receive any compensation for its services.

Barrett DeAngelo works with you to get medical records. We aim to take the burden off of our clients. You should reach out to us to begin the conversation. 

Yes. There are laws that address who is permitted to bring a claim when someone passes away. If you want us to investigate a claim for you, reach out to begin the conversation.

Barrett DeAngelo will walk you through this process in detail.

Yes. There are laws about parents bringing claims on behalf of their children.

Yes. There are laws that address who is permitted to bring a claim when someone cannot make decisions on their own behalf. Barrett DeAngelo can investigate this for you. Reach out.

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